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Voloshky performs with vitality and joy that leap from the stage, and creates a spellbinding show of art and energy that reflects the spirit and character of the Ukrainian people. Combining the strengths of ballet with the vigor of youth, the Voloshky style is bold, powerful, and dazzles with athleticism.

“The Voloshky dancers…have a genuine feel for the nobility and friskiness of the dances. The Hopak, the most famous of the Ukrainian dances, goes way beyond friskiness into high virtuosity,” wrote The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The ensemble draws from a repertoire of more than 40 traditional dances representing every region of Ukraine. During a 90-minute program, Voloshky can perform as many as 14 dances including duets, trios and full-company dances.

Residency activities include lecture/demonstrations and workshops. Voloshky works closely with presenting organizations to ensure that such activities are appropriate to each audience and location.

The artistic director, wardrobe mistress with assistant, stage technician and sometimes managing director travel with the company. For longer performances Voloshky often brings a skilled musician to provide brief musical interludes on traditional Ukrainian instruments which are often unknown to American audiences.

Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble | Taras Lewyckyj, Artistic Director

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